Technical Talks Registration Form

domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

Technical Talks Registration Form

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Registration Cost


Payments from abroad

  • Bank: Scotiabank Peru
  • Address: Dionisio Derteano 102, Lima 27, Perú
  • Account: 053-8067898
  • Swift Code: BSUDPEPL
  • Beneficiary: Sociedad Nacional de Industrias
  • RUC: 20113439964
  • Address: Calle Los Laureles 365, Lima 27, Perú

Payments made in Peru

Residents in Peru are requested to deposit the registration fee in:
  • Scotiabank Perú
  • Sociedad Nacional de Industrias
  • Dollar Savings Account No. 053-8067898
  • Interbank Code 009-090-210538067898-22


Attach a copy of your registration form and send the bank deposit to the following email:
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